My life as a global storyteller

I've spent my career successfully helping organizations tell their stories in good times and bad. I have the broad perspective that comes from being on both sides of events as a corporate communications leader and as a reporter for a major news service. I've helped companies plan for and successfully navigate a broad range of crises, worked with global news media and crafted engaging and effective messages for Fortune 100 CEOs, executives and board members. Over my career, I've held executive-level communications positions including Corporate Communications Director at CHS, a global agriculture and energy company and largest U.S. cooperative; and Corporate Communications Director for Cenex, a major energy cooperative, refiner, pipeline operator and well-known fuel brand. I'm a highly rated crisis communication speaker and trainer within the agriculture, energy and cooperative sectors.

Life has made me an expert at responding, adapting and understanding others' perspectives. I've led communication through numerous corporate mergers, acquisitions and leadership changes, as well as rapidly evolving crises and issues. And, my journey has made me a citizen of the world. Raised in military family, I moved 30 times by age 28 and attended 11 schools before receiving my high school diploma. I learned how to effectively build lasting relationships and tell meaningful stories. My professional and personal life have kept me on the go – to all 50 states and 33 countries, including many travels to rural settings well out of the mainstream (to name just a few: Estonia, Paraguay, Moldova, Serbia, Benin and, this August, Malawi). As a result, I’ve gained deep understanding of people, global issues and real life that serves me well in every aspect of my life and, in turn, helps me serve my communication clients effectively.