A nationally respected crisis communicator, Lani Jordan can help you prepare today to achieve the best outcome for the inevitable crisis with solid planning, messaging and execution. Her depth of experience in handling a broad range of crises for diverse businesses means she understands what you’re up against. Her experience includes:

  • Creation of online COVID-19 toolkit for Fortune 100 agribusiness with more than 2,000 locations.
  • Support for a non-profit addressing a major data breach and abrupt leadership change.
  • Strategy and management of a major global ingredient recall affecting several of the world’s best-known consumer brands.
  • Transition strategies for successful leadership changes for businesses and non-profits including 100-day stakeholder engagement plans.
  • Development and execution of multi-phase strategy for repositioning of $200 million agribusiness including sale and closure of assets and employee layoffs.
  • Development and ongoing maintenance of comprehensive Fortune 100 company crisis communication and issues management plan.
  • Lead crisis responder for 14 business units and more than 500 U.S. and global locations.
  • Handled dozens of crisis events including several with national media coverage, employee fatalities, community evacuations and major environmental issues.
  • Implemented crisis communication technology including app-based pager and crisis communication plan app.
  • Highest-rated conference speaker for keynote presentations to two Grain Elevator and Processing Society annual institutes.
  • Custom tabletop crisis communication drills for CHS petroleum refineries, grain elevators and grain processing facilities.
  • Trainer for top-rated Ag Retailers Association multi-day crisis communication workshops, including role play and critiques.
  • Crisis communication presentations to energy industry communicators’ forums, livestock feed associations and agricultural cooperative leadership groups.

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